Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Love New York

I have not been to New York City since late 2000. This year I was able to visit Manhattan twice in June. I shall visit once more this 11 September. Other than to break away from my office computer I want to take part in Beer Week. I discovered the joys of being back in my old favorites, d.b.a. as well as seeing new ones; Brazen Head, Rattle & Hum, just to name a few. I was able to visit the Blind Tiger for the first time in June but that experience left a sour note with me. Other than that I love drinking in the Big Apple. Here’s why.

The pubs are (can) be quite. Most places I visit in the afternoon are quite oasis’s and far removed from the mass horde of people at the tourist traps. I staff, usually nice looking young ladies that are pleasant and delightful to talk to. Most of all they are relaxing places and unlike the New York Public Library, they serve cask conditioned ale. This is in stark contrast in my taverns in Pittsburgh. Some are quite and some not. Even if the juke box had a volume control many Pgh Pubs have screamers. Sometimes it’s just not relaxing to come in for a pint. Yes, I am sure that there are many NYC bars that can make your ears bleed, but I have yet to find one. Well, maybe one. I did pop into O'Reilly's Pub one night at midnight. The music was blaring but they had good Guinness and college girls dancing one the tables, so it balanced out. Still, many people have a miss conception about the city. It is nice for walking and relaxing. Get away from midtown and go to the villages. Eat in a deli and ride the subway. If you want to get away from it all go to New York. Yes, that’s right. I said that. I Love New York!