Thursday, October 1, 2009

Not a Trashy Beer

Jake Ocque was the winner of the home brew competition held organized by TRASH; the Three Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewers. It took place at the Rivertowne Pour House in Monroeville this past July. Rivertowne was kind enough to let Jake brew his beer with them, which has to a big thrill for any homebrewer. Well, I was happy to have some last night at Piper’s Pub. The beer, is a cask-conditioned English style Dark Mild coming in at 4.7%. After fist taking a few sips I took a look at the color. It is a dark beer and the color is brownish and not like Guinness or Mackeson; both of which are stouts. The head had some bubbles as it should have and it looked like a northern mild as I think it was. The taste was excellent and I picked up a hint of caramel in it and in the nose. It was faint and contributed to the taste. Most UK mild’s that I have had were very thin in the body to the point that they were anorexic. Jake’s had a better mild body to it. You knew that you were drinking a beer. After three pints I came to the conclusion that this beer should be on every publican’s order. Jake, you did good. You beer can stand with any in a British pub.

If you know me then you know I live for mild beer. My enjoyment of Jake’s beer continued long after my session at Piper’s. When I drink higher alcohol beer that has a greater level of hops I usually feel it the next morning. That doesn’t stop me from drinking it but I sometimes wonder why I do. Cask mild such as Jake’s left me refreshed the next morning. I seldom get a headache or hangover from drinking good beer. But I sometimes feel crappy in the morning and I don’t want to get out of bed. The lower alcohol with moderate hops makes for a pleasant morning for me. I for one am glad to be able to find beers like this at Piper’s. All the Pittsburgh brewpubs make mild at one time or another and I am glad that they do.

Cheers, to Jake, Piper’s and Rivertowne