Friday, December 20, 2013

South Side Pgh Liquor Licenses

Every license on the South Side other than hospital, churches or private business. Sorry about the formatting.
Name Street Number
City Theater Bingham 1308
Black & Gold Beer Warehouse Bradish 1000
Bar 11 Bradish 1101
Claddagh Cinema 407
Brewski's E Carson 801
Charlie Murdocks E Carson 1005
Oynx Bar E Carson 1011
Tad's on East Carson E Carson 1109
Caravan Club E Carson 1113
Yo Rita E Carson 1120
Back Room E Carson 1121
Jack's E Carson 1121
Kassab's E Carson 1207
Urban Tap E Carson 1209
Twelve22 on Carson E Carson 1224
Smiling Moose E Carson 1306
Bar 1311 E Carson 1311
Dee's E Carson 1314
Rowdy Buck E Carson 1325
Bee Hive E Carson 1327
Carson City Saloon E Carson 1401
Elixir Ultra Lounge E Carson 1500
Finn McCool's E Carson 1501
Wingharts Burger & Whiskey Bar E Carson 1505
Carson Street Deli E Carson 1507
Blue Lou's E Carson 1510
Mario's E Carson 1514
Local Bar + Kitchen E Carson 1515
Deisel E Carson 1601
Rex Theather E Carson 1602
Skybar E Carson 1605
Nakama E Carson 1611
S Bar E Carson 1713
Young's Tavern/Folino's E Carson 1717
TRES RIOS SS INC E Carson 1719
Young's Tavern/Folino's E Carson 1719
Young's Tavern/Folino's E Carson 1721
Gennaro's Pizza E Carson 1728
Fat Heads South Shore Saloon E Carson 1805
Casey's E Carson 1811
THE 2ND STRING LLC E Carson 1825
Piper's Pub E Carson 1828
Villa Southside E Carson 1831
Primanti Brothers Resaturant & Cigar Bar E Carson 1832
Carmella's E Carson 1908
Inn-Termission Lounge E Carson 1908
Pittsburgh Steak Company E Carson 1924
Smokin Joe's E Carson 2001
Tiki E Carson 2003
1889 Café E Carson 2017
Cuty Grill E Carson 2019
Mullen's E Carson 2100
Stagioni E Carson 2104
Acacia E Carson 2108
Buddy's Brews on Carson E Carson 2112
Bar at 2132 E Carson 2123
IVP Bar & Grill E Carson 2126
Margaritaville (Rizzo's) E Carson 2200
Lava Lounge E Carson 2204
Blind Pig E Carson 2210
Ibiza Tapas & Wine Bar E Carson 2224
Mallorca E Carson 2228
White Eagle E Carson 2300
Library E Carson 2304
Cupka's Cafe  2 E Carson 2314
Archies on Carson E Carson 2328
Double Wide E Carson 2339
Green Front E Carson 2341
Over the Bar Bicycle Bar E Carson 2518
Excuses E Carson 2526
Emilano's Mexican Bar E Carson 2557
First Catholic Slovak Union E Carson 2726
J & L Grill E Carson 2829
Sokol Club E Carson 2912
Frank Fuhrer E Carson 3100
Lithunian Citizens Society of Western Pennsylvania Jane 1721
Polish Army Veterians Jane 1807
Kollar Slovak Club Jane 3226
Red & Irene's Jane St at S 20th 136
Karwoski's Jane St at S 24th 132
Brew House Association Mary 2100
UUBU6 Pius 178
Walker's Sarah 2024
American Serbian Club Sarah 2524
Michael's Pizza Bar & Restaurant Sarah 2612
Birminghan Bridge Sarah 2901
South Side Verterans Sidney 1930
McCormick & Schmick's Sidney 2667
NEW SAGA ASIAN LLC/Tusca Sidney 2773
Bridge 10 Brasserie South 10 20
Truth South 12 51
Club Café South 12 56
Kopy's South 12 80
Fulted Mushroom South 12 109
St. Vincent's South 12 145
Pregame South Side South 15 1501
McArdles South 16 1600
17 Street Café South 17 75
Dish Osteria South 17 128
Polish Falcons South 18 60
Jekel & Hyde South 18 140
Saint James Place South 18 153
Primanti Brothers South 19 95
South Side Beer & Pop South 20 79
Rugger's South 22 40
Jaggerbush South 23 133
Nadine's South 27 19
Steel City Mongolian Grill South 27 29
Cupka's Café South 27 48
Cheescake South 27 415
Hofbrauhaus South Water 2705
Millers Ale House South Water 2795
Garvey's Tavern Sterling 41
Wine Loft Tunnel Blvd. 2773

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Drinking During Prohibition

On December 18, 1917, all manner of manufacturing and transportation of all alcohol within the United Stats and its Territories was prohibited. Basically, national prohibition outlawed anything to do with the pleasures of drinking. But the 18th amendment of the US Constitution had no mechanism of enforcement. That is why the Volstead Act was passed on October 28, 1919. President Woodrow Wilson vetoed the act but Congress overrode the veto. The veto and override both occurred on the same day.

In as much as the Volstead Act gave the government the power to enforce the prohibition of alcohol, it also provided measures that permitted brewers to brew very low strength beer once they obtained a Federal permit. The Act also allowed citizens the right to drink full strength beer along with whiskey and wine of any kind.

A provision written in the Volstead Act specifically allowed for the consumption of alcohol in ones private home provided the alcohol was in place prior to February 2, 1920. Prior to that date the sale of booze was legal and those that were able to could buy as much as they could afford. They had to keep it in their homes and could not sell it. Guests in the homes were allowed to drink but could not buy a bottle for take away.

In a sense, the government actually permitted legal speakeasies. Although no money could change hands what savvy homeowner could not have a “birthday party” every so often but require “guests” to contribute a cash donation for the all you can eat “buffet’?

Congress passed the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution on December 18, 1917, which was ratified on January 16, 1919. Prohibition took affect on January 16, 1920.  The Twenty First Amendment repealed the 18th, having been passed on February 20, 1933 and ratified on December 5, 1933.

Twenty-First Amendment of the United States Constitution
Although the 21st amendment was pass in February, it was not ratified until December. Congress took steps in March of 1933 to revise the Volstead Act to allow for the legal production of beer (not wines or spirits). Prior to the repeal of prohibition in 1933, the Volstead Act was revised to permit the manufacture of beer having not more than 3.2% alcohol.

The Volstead Act defined intoxicating liquor as any beverage having 0.05% alcohol. This superseded all other prohibition laws enacted by other states. Enforcement officially began on February 2, 1920.

For more on drinking laws during the 18th century, please see the Brooks Law on the Pittsburgh Brewers website.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Home Brew Beer at the Rivers Club

A delightful beer tasting took place last evening at the Rivers Club in Oxford Center. But unlike most tasting where the local or regional breweries have their beers on tap, this event was made up entirely of home brewers and the beer they made in their kitchens or basements. Well, Full Pint Brewery was the lone local brewer as well as South Hills Brewing Supply. All in all there were eight home brewers offering some exciting and different beers not usually found in your local pub.

I was a member of the Three Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewers since the founding in the early 1980’s (yes, I’m that old) and have seen the interest in home brewing grow over the years. Many home brewers brew beer that can compete with the professionals and it was evident last night.

Mark Minuto took first place in the voting with his Agave Wheat Ale. Made with the juice he obtained at Whole Foods, the drink was absolutely splendid: very clean and refreshing. One that I particularly enjoyed was Dom Tomino’s Cucumber Wheat. Very much like Mr. Minnuto’s this as well clean and refreshing. The cucumber taste was very present but delicate. Dom took the time to remove the outer skin to avoid giving the beer any bitterness. Both of these beers are in my “This is just a nice beer” category. Despite being a beer tasting, Terry Sasala brought an English Cider. From my exhaustive study ciders in England I have to say that the Queen would be pleased. Low in alcohol as most are, one would be able to enjoy several pints during the World Cup.

Still, for something different, Bob Bero brought his homemade B-Hoppy hard candy. He uses the hops after they are removed from the boil to make three types. Each of the three candies has a different type hop: Golden, Cascade and Saaz. The “anchor” brewer at the tasting was Full Pint with their Nut Brown Ale. This is not your father’s New Castle as it had a bit of smoky taste given it from the use of Rauch malt. Certainly not a Rauchbeir it had a delicate taste but your buds told you this was something different. This was a very well rounded menu of brews.  

This was the first Hoptoberfest at the Rivers Club and everyone hopes it will not be the last. The young professionals who were in attendance were sparse enough that everyone had plenty of time to chat with the brewers and one another. This was more of a meet-up and by far it was not a drink fest. Myself, I got to see some old friends that I have not seen in years making this somewhat of a reunion for me. This was a Rivers Club member’s only event (I was invited) but I would like to see it open to the public on a limited scale next year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Finally, cheers to all the brewers as they dedicated their time and home brew for this.

Local home brewers in attendance were:
Campbell Brothers Joint Effort Brewery, Brad Campbell
Homebrewer Mark V. Minuto
Homebrewer Dom Tomino
Homebrewer Tom Cocain
Pump House Homebrew Shop, Greg & Tammie Wormley
Irving’s Brewery, Tom Amundien
B-Hoppy the Original Candy, Bob Bero
Edgewater Brewery, Terry Sasala

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Brewers in Allegheny County 2013

How many breweries do we have in Allegheny County? The list may surprise you as a few are not doing business as an actual brewery-restaurant or so small they are off the radar. The following 15 breweries are currently licensed to brew beer in Allegheny County:

Brew Gentlemen (Braddock)
Copper Kettle (Greenfield)
Costar Brewing (East Liberty)
Draai Laag Brewing (Millvale) ***
East End Brewing (Larimer)
Gist House Brewing (Millvale) ***
Hofbrauhaus (South Side)
Hop Yard Brewing (Lawrenceville)
Iron City Brewing (Lawrenceville) Inactive
Lawrenceville Brewery (Church Brew Works) (Lawrenceville)
Penn Brewery, Pennsylvania Brewing Co. (North Side)
Pig Hill (North Side) makers of Kombucha
Rivertowne (Monroeville)
Roundabout (Lawrenceville)
Walnut Brewery (Rock Bottom) (Homestead)
*** Indicates brewery license as well as brewpub license holder.

Of these, Iron City is inactive and Grist House was still pending. In doing a search on July 18, 2013 I found it interesting that only two breweries actually had a brewpub license: Draai Laag and Grist House. I would like to think the LCB database is up to date but they still have the late Tom Pastorius as a member of Penn Brewery.

The following seven breweries are no longer operating:
Allegheny Brewery & Pub, Pennsylvania Brewing Co. (North Side)
Foundry Ale Works, Sweetwater Brewing Co. (Strip District)
John Harvard’s Ale House (Wilkins Township)
Milkman Brewing
Strip Brewery (Strip District)
Three Rivers Brewery (Strip District)
Valhalla (Strip District)

Actually, the Allegheny Brewery & Pub is still in business but took on the name Penn Brewery way back in the 1990’s. They are the only venue to change their name.

Milkman never started brewing and as of this date they have not received a license from the state.
I am sure that somebody may find a mistake on my part and will let me know. Please, keep the four letter words to a minimum.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Carson Street Deli Beer Engine

Look what I found. South Side has a new real ale destination in the Carson Street Deli at 1507 E Carson St. One week before tax day Mike had a new beer engine installed and is now committed to serving real ale. For those that may not know, a beer engine is a hand operated vacuum device that draws beer from a cask under the bar or in a cellar. The beer is less carbonated than regular keg beer, which had been pressurized with added carbon dioxide gas. Cask beer enables the delicate aromas and finer textures to come through.

What is called real ale is well made beer that has no preservatives or chemicals to make it “better”. The brewer does that with clean water, young grain and fresh hops. The beer does ferment at the brewery as all beer does. But with real cask ale, the yeast is not filtered out of the beer but remains. The brewer adds priming sugar to the keg so that it under go’s a secondary fermentation on its way to the pub and in the pub’s cellar. This keeps the beer under a mild carbon dioxide blanket but does not over carbonate the beer. This is an excellent way to drink a craft beer.
Cheers to Mike.

Check the Deli’s tweets for updates on what’s coming through the engine.