Thursday, June 24, 2010

Frank - A Regular Guy

Sunday, 20 June was Father’s Day and across the country fathers were being celebrated. Pittsburgh was no exception other than a small ceremony that took place at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Homestead, Pa. But first let me say what led to this. Rock Bottom is a national chain restaurant and brewery. Many people enjoy the food and beer but some pass it off for merely being a chain. Perception may have it that chains are cold and too structured. They are not perceived to be warm and friendly like the mom and pop restaurants. This may be true for some placed but the regulars at Pittsburgh’s Rock Bottom would argue otherwise. Since its opening the Pittsburgh location has attracted a loyal base of regulars. This is due to the staff’s warm welcome to all who enter the door. Some customers have contributed in making others welcomed as well. Two regulars, Frank and Betty, have made friends with all who have met them.

Sadly, Frank passed away over the New Year’s Holiday and news of his passing was devastating to all. Frank was in his retirement years but way too young. All who knew him was glad to see him when they came in as they saw a buddy at the bar. The staff saw him as such and I don’t think anyone working at Rock Bottom did not know him. He was close to the heart of several staff. Frank was mild mannered and easy going who brought comfort to the bar. A father should bring comfort to a home and Frank made a so-called chain restaurant comforting for many of us. On Father’s Day 2010 Rock Bottom installed a brass name plate to his bar stool with his family present. Kind words were spoken by bartender Paul and a toast was given with a round of Lumpy Dog. His stool was placed off-limits for the evening. This was not done to mark the passing of a patron but to celebrate a dear friend and good man.

Sorry that this was posted so late.