Monday, December 24, 2018

Winter Brothers Brewery Pittsburgh

I found articles on the death of Frank (son) and Wolfgang (father) Winter and found an error. Reports on the death of Wolfgang contains an error so I am correcting it here.

The Brewers Journal, Volume 58, Issues 7-11, 1922 and Find a reported on the death of Wolfgang Winter. Mr. Winter was one of the owners of the M. Winter Brothers Brewery in Pittsburgh’s South Side. After selling the company to the Pittsburgh Brewing Company in 1899 he and his brother, Michael moved to Orange New Jersey where they opened the Orange Brewery. The third brother, Alois, remained in Pittsburgh as superintendent of the Winter Brewery for PBC. Both the Brewers Journal and Find a Grave are both in error. The Journal got some family history wrong and the Grave copied it.

They reported that Wolfgang worked in Pittsburgh and Homestead, Pa. This reference did not apply to Wolfgang but rather his son, Frank M. Winter. Frank was born in Chicago when the brothers were living in Chicago before moving to Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Press on December 26, 1939 reported on the death of Frank. The Press had Frank being “associated all his life with brewery firms, having worked for the Homestead Brewery, the Pittsburgh Brewing Company and recently with the Washington Brewery”. I hope anyone researching the Winter family will find their way here and not repeat the error. I can't find a better title to identify this in search engines so you see what I did.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Allegheny County Pa. Breweries Count

This is the status and count of all the breweries that currently exist in Allegheny County, Pa, and those in the past and proposed. Proposed breweries are those who have received a conditional permit from the Pa. LCB. Please be advised that the data on the LCB website has errors and omissions as not all that is shown has been updated. This list is accurate as of December 2, 2018.

37 Active Breweries
1            180 and Tapped Brewery (Commercial)            Active
2            412 Brews (Brewery) (Commercial)            Active
3            Allegheny City Brewery            Active
4            American Beverage (Commercial) Active (makers of Daily's Little Hugs)
5            Aurochs Brewery             Active
6            Cinderlands Brewery            Active
7            Cobblehause Brewery            Active
8            Copper Kettle Brewery (Brew Your Own)            Active
9            Costar Brewery (Garage-Commercial)            Active
10            Couch Brewery            Active
11            Dancing Gnome Brewery            Active
12            East End Brewery            Active
13            Eleventh Hour Brewery            Active
14            Enix Brewery            Active
15            Grist House Brewery            Active
16            Helicon Brewery            Active
17            Hitchhiker Brewery            Active
18            Hofbrauhause Brewery            Active
19            Hop Yard Brewery            Active
20            Insurrection Brewery            Active
21            Kim's Dog House Brewery            Active (down the street from Insurrection)
22            Lawrecnceville Brewery dba Church Brew Works            Active
23            Mindful Brewery            Active
24            Penn Brewery             Active
25            Pig Hill Brewery             Active
26            Pittsburgh Bottle Shop & Brewhouse Active with recent new owner
27            Rivertowne Brewery            Active
28            Rock Bottom Brewery            Active
29            Roundabout Brewery            Active
30            Southern Tier Brewery            Active
31            Spoonwood Brewery            Active
32            Spring Hill Brewery            Active
33            Strange Roots Experimental Ales Gibsonia            Active
34            The Brew Gentlemen Brewery            Active
35            The Leaning Cask Brewery            Active
36            The Parkway Theater Brewery            Active
37            War Streets Brewery - Biers Pub            Active

10 Breweries that closed
1            Draai Laag Brewery Alison Park            Closed
2            Draai Laag Brewery Millvale            Closed
3            Iron City Brewery Lawrenceville            Closed
4            John Harvard's Brew House            Closed
5            Milkman Brewery            Closed
6            Penn Brewery             Closed but reopened (don't get me started on this)
7            Strip Brewery            Closed
8            Sweet Water Brewery dba Foundry Ale Works            Closed
9            Three Rivers Brewery            Closed
10           Valhalla Brewery Strip District            Closed

5 Breweries that moved to a new location and remain active.
1            Aurochs Brewery             Moved
2            East End Brewing            Moved
3            Hitchhiker Brewery            Moved
4            Pig Hill Brewery 1            Moved
5            War Streets Brewery            Moved

As it says
1            Three Mugs Brew Pub            Never Opened
2            Robber Baron Brewery            Never Opened
1            Inner Groove Brewery Verona            Pending
2            Copper Kettle Brewery Bloomfield            Planning
1            Grist House Brewery Collier Township            Planniung
1            Allegheny Brewery & Pub            Renamed Penn Brewery
2            Trios Brewery            Renamed Enix Brewery
1            Acrospire Brewery            Safekeeping
2            Cinderlands Brewery Strip District            Safekeeping
3            Lincoln Avenue Brewery Bellvue            Safekeeping
4            Rogan Brewery Duquesne            Safekeeping
5            Stonewall Cider House and Meadery Verona            Safekeeping

1            Arsenal Cider House & Wine Cellar            Special
Note: Arsenal received a pending brewing license by the Pa.  LCB but let let go expired. This was for the Penn Hills location that is currently in production.

If we count the 37 active breweries plus 9 of the 10 closed we have 46 breweries that have been in production since 1989. I am not counting the two that never opened or Arsenal.
This list will be posted with more information on