Sunday, May 15, 2011

South Side Bars Update

Update the Pubnetwork South Side bars since my last web version update.

City Grill

2019 E Carson St (river side)

Closed and said to become a new bar called the Blue Coconut.

Claddagh Irish Pub<>

407 Cinema Dr (North off Carson Street at S. 27th) South Side Works

Next to the cinema and sort of behind the Cheesecake Factory

Phone 412 381 4800, Web:

Problems seem to have been cleaned-up so stop in for a real Dublin Guinness.

District 3

2009 E Carson St (river side) between S 20th & S 21st Streets

Phone 412 ??? ????

Open for business.

Fat Heads South Shore Saloon<>

1805 E Carson St (river side) just east of South 18th St

Phone 412 431 7433, Web:!/fatheadspgh

Glenn has been serving Arsenal House Cider (fro the other side of town) for a short while and he is now serving Rough Spirits (from Oregon).

Le Brew House

2512 E Carson St (hill side)

Phone: 412-488-2223 Fax: 412-488-2232!/LeBrewHouse

Beer signs illuminated in the windows, tables and chairs out front and an open door indicates service is on.

Le Pommier Bistro Francais

2104 E Carson St (hill side)

The plywood window treatment indicates they may never reopen unless new owners take over. They have been closed for a long time, due to a fire, and should have been cleaned-up by now.

Piper’s Pub<>

1828 E Carson St (hill side) between South 18th & South 19th Streets

Phone 412 381 3977, Web!/piperspub

The three beer engines have been removed (RIP) and replaced with 4 new ones. Talk coming down the bar stools has it that there could be a cask ale festival this coming fall. Let us pray. Drew is no longer serving cask ale from the UK due to the warmer summer months coming thru but he continues to serve fine ales from Pennsylvania’s local brewers.

Smokin’ Joe’s

2001 East Carson St (river side) at South 20th St

Phone 412 431 6757,!/smokin_joes

I have not been able to get down for a first-hand check but it looks like they put out the butts and have gone smoke-free despite having a smoking exemption from the state. They do good food and good beer and that is good news. If you are concerned about the smoke please call first.

T & T Hardware

E Carson Street (hill side)

Long established hardware store closed and set to be transformed to a beer distributor “like you’ve never seen”. So says the sigh in the window. Not much one can do with a distributor so this could be interesting.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flag on the Play

I have to say that the new media in this country is getting on my nerves. They generally leave out a lot of information in stories these days and sometimes write inflammatory headlines. The one today about Hines Ward being pulled out of a stolen car at gunpoint and handcuffed is one of them. What made it worst was the fact it was done by the local news chirps. Reading only the headline, one would think he did something to warrant this. After reading the story, it turns out that he is absent of any wrongdoing nor was any action on his part suspect. He wore a golden halo.

It turns out the driver reported it stolen, forgot where it was, found it and never told the police it was never missing. The police did what they did as a manner of procedure. Everyone was professional at all times, the story states. So, what should the headline have read? Hines Ward in car with idiot! Hines Ward shows off the best of Pittsburgh! He ain’t Ben! The fact that the facts in this story were true, they should not have been the headline. They were only to sensationalize the story and cause Iron City drinkers to choke of their suds. It was clear that Mr. Ward brought out the best of being a Pittsburgher. Too bad the news people can’t follow along.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

NRA Off Target

To paraphrase one of our past presidents: My fellow Americas, get a life. LBJ often spoke the beginning of that phrase. I added part two after hearing the attack on one of Pittsburgh’s institutions: Primanti’s. It seems that the NRA thinks Primanti’s has a political point-of-view not in line with theirs. The NRA wants to boycott Primanti’s, which I think is off target. I think they need to get their sights adjusted and see the real America, the one that accepts everybody no matter side of the menu one may be looking to order from.

To their credit, the Democrats did not condemn the real food maker after Glenn Beck (they hate him but he had harsh words for W, so go figure?) bought 400 sandwiches at the Strip District location for his show in Pittsburgh. Nor did the Republicans launch a boycott after Hillary paid a visit: undoubtedly looking to do take-out for Bill.

It was noted in the Post Gazette that one NRA member will no longer go to Primanti’s. May I ask: does one ask for political connections before going to any restaurant, barber, banker, grocer, butcher or candlestick maker? I don’t know if the NRA has an official policy on this and I don’t care. But guys; get a grip. The very place you are holding your convention was build by anti-gun democrats in a town run by democrats who you are giving your money too. Yet you want to boycott a company whose only interest is in making sandwiches. Get real. Heaven forbid you find a registered Democrat in your group. Primanti Brothers welcomes all who walk thru the doors and the NRA should welcome all Americans. It’s the American way.