Friday, October 8, 2010

Sam Smith in Pittsburgh

It was a very pleasant day on 8 October and that afternoon I (right) had the pleasure of leaving work early to meet the future owner of the Samuel Smith Brewery in Yorkshire, England. Mr. Sam Smith (on the left) was in the Market District in Robinson with Merchant DeVin and Frank Fuhrer Distributors. It was a meet and greet promotion and mini beer tasting. On the cask (no not on cask but sitting on the cask) was the brewery’s Cider, Oatmeal Stout and Nut Brown. Also on display was the limited version of Stingo. An oak aged special beer. My bottle was listed at 9% and brewed in 2009. A description on the beer is on this PDF.
Mr. Smith was a delight to speak to and drew a good crown of men and women. The women were most interested in the beers. They were pleasantly surprised to fine how good the Brown and Oatmeal was. Women tend to shy away from dark beers. Even the cider won over a few converts. It was also nice to see people coming in to she Mr. Smith and learn about his beers. Despite the free samples this was not a drink fest but people wanting to learn about good beer. Sam Smith beers are available but only in bottles so if your pub carries bottles take a look for them.
This was Mr. Smith’s first venture in the United States and if this visit is typical during his tour then he should be please to see his beers doing well in the states. Actually, Pennsylvania and Kentucky are the largest markets for Sam Smiths with Pittsburgh being the largest. Thanks to Sam Smith, Merchant DeVin and Frank Fuhrer for making this happen.