Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sam Adams Boston Lager - Pittsburgh Brewed

Last May (2013) when we played Boston in hockey, many Pittsburgh Pubs wanted to ban Sam Adams. Well, first let me say that that is not very sportsmanship of us.  Also, Pittsburgh can make the claim that Sam Adams Boston Lager is a Pittsburgh beer. Pittsburgh Brewing was one of the largest breweries in America and Boston Beer was just getting underway.  

The formula was designed with the help of brewmaster Mark Davis and the first brew was produced at Pittsburgh Brewing Co. back in the 1980’s. Pittsburgh Brewing continued to brew the Boston brew until Jim Koch was able to secure his own brew house and later on he purchased the old Christian Morlein Brewery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

And pat on back for Mark and Pittsburgh Brewing. Boston Lager took 90% of its metals when it was brewed here in Pittsburgh. So yes, I see boos for Boston hockey, but remember, they are drinking beer that came from Pittsburgh. OK, maybe not anymore but I am still bragging.