Saturday, July 20, 2013

Brewers in Allegheny County 2013

How many breweries do we have in Allegheny County? The list may surprise you as a few are not doing business as an actual brewery-restaurant or so small they are off the radar. The following 15 breweries are currently licensed to brew beer in Allegheny County:

Brew Gentlemen (Braddock)
Copper Kettle (Greenfield)
Costar Brewing (East Liberty)
Draai Laag Brewing (Millvale) ***
East End Brewing (Larimer)
Gist House Brewing (Millvale) ***
Hofbrauhaus (South Side)
Hop Yard Brewing (Lawrenceville)
Iron City Brewing (Lawrenceville) Inactive
Lawrenceville Brewery (Church Brew Works) (Lawrenceville)
Penn Brewery, Pennsylvania Brewing Co. (North Side)
Pig Hill (North Side) makers of Kombucha
Rivertowne (Monroeville)
Roundabout (Lawrenceville)
Walnut Brewery (Rock Bottom) (Homestead)
*** Indicates brewery license as well as brewpub license holder.

Of these, Iron City is inactive and Grist House was still pending. In doing a search on July 18, 2013 I found it interesting that only two breweries actually had a brewpub license: Draai Laag and Grist House. I would like to think the LCB database is up to date but they still have the late Tom Pastorius as a member of Penn Brewery.

The following seven breweries are no longer operating:
Allegheny Brewery & Pub, Pennsylvania Brewing Co. (North Side)
Foundry Ale Works, Sweetwater Brewing Co. (Strip District)
John Harvard’s Ale House (Wilkins Township)
Milkman Brewing
Strip Brewery (Strip District)
Three Rivers Brewery (Strip District)
Valhalla (Strip District)

Actually, the Allegheny Brewery & Pub is still in business but took on the name Penn Brewery way back in the 1990’s. They are the only venue to change their name.

Milkman never started brewing and as of this date they have not received a license from the state.
I am sure that somebody may find a mistake on my part and will let me know. Please, keep the four letter words to a minimum.