Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Patrick's Day 2011

I was surprised by the lack of noise on this past Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day public urination fest. It was a lot better than years gone by and I am at a loss to figure out why. Perhaps it was because the kiddies spent more time drinking instead of yelling? The Post Gazette reports that there were 37 citations for public urination (only 37); eight for failure to clean up urine (how?); 18 for public intoxication (Joe Wilson: You Lie!); six for possessing an open container of alcohol (how does one drink out of a closed container?); two for harassment; six for disorderly conduct; one for criminal mischief; and two for obstructing a passage way (just walk over him). This was just on the South Side.

Also, there were a handful of arrests: one person was arrested for drunken driving (I think there were more); two for possessing a controlled substance; one for public intoxication; one for prowling; one for criminal trespass, resisting arrest and theft; and one for marijuana possession, public intoxication, escape, public urination.

What I want to know is how do you clean up urine and did the cops cite the homeowner? Actually, the Post went to bed (that’s real newspaper talk) too early or they would have gotten the big scoop. One young woman had a night she will never forget and it wasn’t sex in the city. She was in the 1800 block of East Carson Street at 3 am when some male wanted to show her his manhood. He hit her in the face and knocked out three or four of her teeth. The police nabbed him on 17th & Carson and took him to the County Jail where he should have his lucky charms removed.

I was a bit concerned that the cops were going to close Carson Street when I saw all the barricades at every intersection. Apparently they were just placed there so the kiddies would have something to play with at 3:30 am. As I went to breakfast early Sunday morning I got to watch some of the partygoers sleeping at intersections and going thru those pesky red lights. Hey, this is why people from the world over are flying in to America’s most drinkable city.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Primanti's South Side

In a story that you will only read when you are in a comma, Primanti Brothers have settled a lawsuit that started when they printed too much information on credit & debit card receipts. Had you used yours at the South Side location between certain dates you can get a free sandwich. But in doing so you loose you right to sue and spend more money that the sandwich is worth. Apparently, WTAE reporters interviewed customers who paid cash and are upset. It was reported that: “Customers who accept a free meal give up their right to sue, but some said they don't have an option because they used cash”. To these people I have to ask: do you have coleslaw for brains? Do you plan on breeding anytime before I am admitted to a nursing home? You have not been harmed unless you paid by card or chomped down on a toothpick, in which I feel sorry for the pick. Mother Mary of God help me for there are people walking the earth that make me look smart.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Le Brew House South Side

Updating the site to include a new brewpub opening on the South Side this April. Sorry, this update (March 21) to clarify that this is not a brew pub but only a bar/restaurant. Still, I am excited.

Le Brew House (Not a Brewpub, but a bar) Scheduled opening in April 2011

2512 E Carson St (hill side) former Mill Site tavern

Phone: 412-488-2223 Fax: 412-488-2232




Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pennsylvania Wine Monopoly

Former US Ambassador Dan Simpson wrote a story in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette (2 March 2011) that caught my eye. The sub-headline was “They enjoy feisty politics and wines you can't get in Pa.”. That alone caused me to ask a question. Upon reading the story I had a few comments to add, but for another time. My first question to Mr. Simpson is to give an example of what wine(s) one cannot get in Pennsylvania that he apparently enjoys in France. It has always been my understanding that to avoid a monopoly the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania must sell any and all wines sold in this country on the open market. There may be some caveats but we should be able to get them. Do any of my readers know of brands that are prohibited in Pa, but not in the other 57 states? Are the wines he drinks in Paris only available in Europe? There may be a reason that he cannot get his here. Mr. Simpson writes for a newspaper long known to support privatizing the state store system. Should that ever happen would any and all wines sold on the open market be sold in EVERY wine store in the state?

As for beer, there is no upper limit on how much alcohol can be in a beer. All beer can be sold in Pa. but with one BIG difference. The state does not care if you can get it. The importers and distributor decide what you will drink. They can respond to market demands but sometimes need electro-shock to get moving. Go to Fat Head’s, Smokin Joe’s, or any Sharp Edge and I can point out about 75% of the stock that I was told cannot be sold in Pa. because “we would have to buy a pallet”. Sometimes I wish I could buy beer like I can buy wine.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pittsburgh Beer Festivals 2011

There are a number of beer festivals coming up this year that we may want to place in your calendars. One special note not on a festival is the introduction of Beaver Brewing Company tasting at Bocktown on March 9 at 6pm.

April 16 is the Erie Brewer’s Festival. This year’s focus will be on Ohio brewers.

April 29 and 30, 2011: Seven Springs has a brewski festival and who could do better than a ski resort? Scheduled for .

May 6 Fat Head's will hold a Brewer’s Ball and local beer tasting event to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. At the IBEW Union Hall Ballroom on the South Side.

May 13 & 14 brings the International Beer Festival to Cleveland, Ohio. There is not a lot of info yet out on this festival.

June always starts the first Saturday with the ever-popular Penn Brewery Micro Brewer’s Festival.

June 25 & 26 finishes with the Sharp Edge European Beer Festival . This is the only one in America that gives focus on European brews.

August 13 is set for the Millvale Brew Festival

August 20 has the State College Brew Expo. One a sad note, the Penn State Beer Expo, which was one of the best, has changed locations. It was always held at the Penn Stater in State College. I enjoyed the indoor venue as well as being able to take an elevator back to my room. This year it is re-locating to the Tussey Mountain Ski Resort.

September Big Pour

Schedule for late September, this has always drawn a huge crowd. I may not be in attendance. They promote the buy local school of thought and who can argue against that? In as much as they do bring in out of towners, they seem to have gone out of their way to exclude one of our own brewers. Rock Bottom Brewery in Homestead was not invited last year and it looks like they may not be invited this coming September. I do not know why. I know there is a board of directors in charge of the Big Pour but I do not know if they are behind this or the owner of Construction Junction. I happen to enjoy Rock Bottom and see no reason to exclude them. If anyone knows why let me know.

No glasses were dropped or broken in the preparation of this post.