Friday, April 17, 2009

Blue Dust

April saw the doors open at a new bar the entrance to Homestead's Waterfront. Blue Dust is on Amity Street at the stop sigh at the railroad tracks. It is rather elegant with a European cafe feel to it. Jerry Miller, who was one of the founders in introducing craft beers to Pittsburgh (I will have more on this in another post) is the owner. He has 26 craft beers behind him on tap. Included in this is my favorite, Kaiser Pils from Penn Brewery. Thank God. They are still getting a few details cleaned up so its cash only for the first few days. Soon they will take credit cards and the ATM inside will be working. They do have food. Hours are (yes, this is correct) Tuesday thru Friday 4:07 to 1:37, Sat 11:37 to 1:37, Sun 11:37 to when ever. They are closed on Monday. In time they are going to have a lot of bottles to go as well as growlers. The lovely Sarah Miller built the bar top. It is lovely too. Look for parking in the rear lots (I don't know if they charge) and some street parking. Ask at the bar if you have concerns.
UPDATE: They now have their own site here: Blue Dust


  1. ED, I stopped in as well last weekend and really like this place. I was wishing I was hungry because the menu was full of really intresting items I wanted to try. the prices were fair and selection good. I had no problem finding a free parking spot in the log behind the bar. I hope it is OK with you that I copied your post on Trash Talk, giving you and your blog credit and a plug.

  2. Blue Dust is awesome... An excellent beer selection, as well as a well rounded menu...Jerry is a great beer puller, and Sarah is great to look at... all said, its a wonderful welcome to the area.. It has the beer, food, and atmosphere!!