Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are in practice and that should get the fans ready for the upcoming season. We need to get our vocal chords ready and the best way to do that is to sing the Steelers fight song. The original from the 1970’s is the best and I posted a link to it here. Get all your buddies gathered around the bar and just start. Didn't that feel good? Polkas make everyone happy. Did you know that the Pittsburgh Steelers is the only team with a polka fight-song?

Old 1970’s fight song.

Myron Cope talks about the terrible towel.

A bit of history on how the Steelers got the logo on their Helmut can be found on this site. She’s a Russian schoolteacher (no one misses her class) and she is now living in the US. Her name is Marina Orlova and she goes by the moniker Hot for Words. Here is a link to her main site. She has a lot to teach us so listen carefully.

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