Monday, September 20, 2010

Fat Head's GABF 2010

The results are in from the Great American Beer Festival and they are not good for Western Pennsylvania. Printable PDF here. I have been told that Penn Brewery was in attendance but did not win any metals. I don’t know I they took any Kaiser Pils this year, but that is always a gold metal winner in my book. I don’t know if any other breweries from these parts went out. If so, after looking over the results, they came back empty handed. That is a shame as they all produce good brews.

One local lad who dun good has his brewery in Cleveland. Yes, that’s right; Fat Heads won a silver-metal for Head Hunter IPA. Congratulations to Head Brewer Matt Cole and Brewers Mike Zoscak, and Rick Skains. Congratulations are in order too for Glenn Benigni for having the balls in opening a brewery in Cleveland. Maybe he just wanted to show what a Steeler fan could do. All in all, well done lads.

Pittsburgh lads love t make light of Cleveland but it really is a good beer drinking town. I found this gem, Der Braumeister on my last visit and who cant get down at the Polka Hal of Fame?

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