Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pub Walk in the Snow

I just have to say that I love living on the South Side. Other than when a sports team wins as I get pee on my house for days. But I love to walk to my pub. Today it started to snow during rush hour and everybody is in a panic. I came home from work and did a load of laundry and then said, "how what"? I took a nice stroll down to Dish Osteria for a pint (3 actually) and some octopus stew. Nobody on the street and nobody in the bar except for me and four lovely ladies. Ah, the enjoyment of living on the South Side. It does have its down side at times but to be able to walk to your pub in any kind of weather is worth the city tax. After an hour or so several other locals came in with the same thought as me. Walk a few blocks to a nice warm bar with good food and friends and with no fear of getting pulled over for a DUI. This is what a pub makes. Yes, you guys in the suburbs can have your Saturday lawn mowing and driving a mile to get a quart of milk. Me, I will be enjoying a pint (3 actually) at my pub with four lovely ladies. Just wanted to rub it in a bit.

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