Monday, December 24, 2018

Winter Brothers Brewery Pittsburgh

I found articles on the death of Frank (son) and Wolfgang (father) Winter and found an error. Reports on the death of Wolfgang contains an error so I am correcting it here.

The Brewers Journal, Volume 58, Issues 7-11, 1922 and Find a reported on the death of Wolfgang Winter. Mr. Winter was one of the owners of the M. Winter Brothers Brewery in Pittsburgh’s South Side. After selling the company to the Pittsburgh Brewing Company in 1899 he and his brother, Michael moved to Orange New Jersey where they opened the Orange Brewery. The third brother, Alois, remained in Pittsburgh as superintendent of the Winter Brewery for PBC. Both the Brewers Journal and Find a Grave are both in error. The Journal got some family history wrong and the Grave copied it.

They reported that Wolfgang worked in Pittsburgh and Homestead, Pa. This reference did not apply to Wolfgang but rather his son, Frank M. Winter. Frank was born in Chicago when the brothers were living in Chicago before moving to Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Press on December 26, 1939 reported on the death of Frank. The Press had Frank being “associated all his life with brewery firms, having worked for the Homestead Brewery, the Pittsburgh Brewing Company and recently with the Washington Brewery”. I hope anyone researching the Winter family will find their way here and not repeat the error. I can't find a better title to identify this in search engines so you see what I did.

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