Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beer Secrete

OK, this is my rant of the day. Why is it a secrete to know the alcohol strength of a brew? In my last post I commented on how strong-beer seems to becoming the norm. At one time elected officials would not allow the strength of a beer to be posted as it would entice consumers into buying the the strongest brands. Can we take a look at wines and spirits? Can we take a look at getting new officials? Although this law has been relaxed there is no law that requires the gravity to be posted in a bar. Many bars are noting the strength of the beers but only when the brewer provides it. I like the idea that we have a huge choice in selection now a days but should we not know the strength be a part of OUR decision making? If you order a 7% pint not knowing that it is, could that put you at risk, either in driving or medically? As beer is controlled by the the alcohol and tobacco people and not the FDA, no "food label" is required. I would think that consumers would want to know. But I rant.

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