Monday, March 9, 2009

Normal Beer

I know that the United States is a big country, but does that mean we have to make our beer as big? After prohibition, and up until not too many years ago, most beer in the states was about 5% in strength. Basic Bud is 5% and that seems to have been the target for most brewers. In the UK a beer of that strength would be considered a strong-ale. But brewers here are pushing the limits for beer strength. At a few of my favorite watering holes I find most of the beers on tap come in between 6% to 11%. That’s fine for a special brew once and a while but it seems to be the norm now a days. Is it just me or are there others who think this is getting to be too much? I know people who actually think 8% beer is your everyday brew. Noooooo!

I don’t blame bar owners from selling them since they have a higher profit margin. But for me it cuts into my choice. And it goes against the grain, so to speak, in general beer drinking. With more emphasis placed on DUI one would think that people would be seeking out lower gravity beers. I find cask ale better for me as it usually comes in under 5%. This allows me to have a few and still have a sense of direction back to the house. A lot of brewers make wonderful porters and pale ales, yet when see 7% after the name I shy away. Yes, these are enjoyable brews but I think this is getting to be too much. At first I thought it was a trend set by the Belgian importers. But it looks like the muscle beers will be with us for some time to come. Heck, I can remember when people said Guinness was strong.

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