Sunday, May 1, 2011

NRA Off Target

To paraphrase one of our past presidents: My fellow Americas, get a life. LBJ often spoke the beginning of that phrase. I added part two after hearing the attack on one of Pittsburgh’s institutions: Primanti’s. It seems that the NRA thinks Primanti’s has a political point-of-view not in line with theirs. The NRA wants to boycott Primanti’s, which I think is off target. I think they need to get their sights adjusted and see the real America, the one that accepts everybody no matter side of the menu one may be looking to order from.

To their credit, the Democrats did not condemn the real food maker after Glenn Beck (they hate him but he had harsh words for W, so go figure?) bought 400 sandwiches at the Strip District location for his show in Pittsburgh. Nor did the Republicans launch a boycott after Hillary paid a visit: undoubtedly looking to do take-out for Bill.

It was noted in the Post Gazette that one NRA member will no longer go to Primanti’s. May I ask: does one ask for political connections before going to any restaurant, barber, banker, grocer, butcher or candlestick maker? I don’t know if the NRA has an official policy on this and I don’t care. But guys; get a grip. The very place you are holding your convention was build by anti-gun democrats in a town run by democrats who you are giving your money too. Yet you want to boycott a company whose only interest is in making sandwiches. Get real. Heaven forbid you find a registered Democrat in your group. Primanti Brothers welcomes all who walk thru the doors and the NRA should welcome all Americans. It’s the American way.

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