Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flag on the Play

I have to say that the new media in this country is getting on my nerves. They generally leave out a lot of information in stories these days and sometimes write inflammatory headlines. The one today about Hines Ward being pulled out of a stolen car at gunpoint and handcuffed is one of them. What made it worst was the fact it was done by the local news chirps. Reading only the headline, one would think he did something to warrant this. After reading the story, it turns out that he is absent of any wrongdoing nor was any action on his part suspect. He wore a golden halo.

It turns out the driver reported it stolen, forgot where it was, found it and never told the police it was never missing. The police did what they did as a manner of procedure. Everyone was professional at all times, the story states. So, what should the headline have read? Hines Ward in car with idiot! Hines Ward shows off the best of Pittsburgh! He ain’t Ben! The fact that the facts in this story were true, they should not have been the headline. They were only to sensationalize the story and cause Iron City drinkers to choke of their suds. It was clear that Mr. Ward brought out the best of being a Pittsburgher. Too bad the news people can’t follow along.

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