Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pittsburgh Beer Festivals 2011

There are a number of beer festivals coming up this year that we may want to place in your calendars. One special note not on a festival is the introduction of Beaver Brewing Company tasting at Bocktown on March 9 at 6pm.

April 16 is the Erie Brewer’s Festival. This year’s focus will be on Ohio brewers.

April 29 and 30, 2011: Seven Springs has a brewski festival and who could do better than a ski resort? Scheduled for .

May 6 Fat Head's will hold a Brewer’s Ball and local beer tasting event to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. At the IBEW Union Hall Ballroom on the South Side.

May 13 & 14 brings the International Beer Festival to Cleveland, Ohio. There is not a lot of info yet out on this festival.

June always starts the first Saturday with the ever-popular Penn Brewery Micro Brewer’s Festival.

June 25 & 26 finishes with the Sharp Edge European Beer Festival . This is the only one in America that gives focus on European brews.

August 13 is set for the Millvale Brew Festival

August 20 has the State College Brew Expo. One a sad note, the Penn State Beer Expo, which was one of the best, has changed locations. It was always held at the Penn Stater in State College. I enjoyed the indoor venue as well as being able to take an elevator back to my room. This year it is re-locating to the Tussey Mountain Ski Resort.

September Big Pour

Schedule for late September, this has always drawn a huge crowd. I may not be in attendance. They promote the buy local school of thought and who can argue against that? In as much as they do bring in out of towners, they seem to have gone out of their way to exclude one of our own brewers. Rock Bottom Brewery in Homestead was not invited last year and it looks like they may not be invited this coming September. I do not know why. I know there is a board of directors in charge of the Big Pour but I do not know if they are behind this or the owner of Construction Junction. I happen to enjoy Rock Bottom and see no reason to exclude them. If anyone knows why let me know.

No glasses were dropped or broken in the preparation of this post.

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