Friday, March 11, 2011

Primanti's South Side

In a story that you will only read when you are in a comma, Primanti Brothers have settled a lawsuit that started when they printed too much information on credit & debit card receipts. Had you used yours at the South Side location between certain dates you can get a free sandwich. But in doing so you loose you right to sue and spend more money that the sandwich is worth. Apparently, WTAE reporters interviewed customers who paid cash and are upset. It was reported that: “Customers who accept a free meal give up their right to sue, but some said they don't have an option because they used cash”. To these people I have to ask: do you have coleslaw for brains? Do you plan on breeding anytime before I am admitted to a nursing home? You have not been harmed unless you paid by card or chomped down on a toothpick, in which I feel sorry for the pick. Mother Mary of God help me for there are people walking the earth that make me look smart.

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