Sunday, April 24, 2011

Keep it Corked

Pittsburgh City Councilman Doug Shields has launched an attack on massage parlors in the city. They are not only illegal they are not good for the well being of a community. About the same time Mr. Shields started rubbing the parlors the wrong way, an interesting article appeared in the Post. Apparently Papa J’s restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh has adverts on their coasters that is catching more than overflowing beer. The coasters have pictures of women that encourage finger exercising. You need to read the story yourself.

From what the Post writes, it would appear that these ads are demeaning to women. It is one thing to look at a women tastefully posing in a magazine but something else all together to have holes in strategic location to insert ones fingers, followed by instructions. Not a good move on Pap’s part. The coasters may be placed on the bar and not on tables but they are a restaurant none the less and children could come to see them. What does dad say when little Jane sees the mats? For that matter, should female wait staff have to deal with comments made by customers?

Papa J’s is a good place and maker of the best white pizza around. They stopped the ad campaign, which was the smart thing to do. Bars and restaurants should be a place for enjoyment by all and not a place to cultivate lewd or offensive behavior. The coasters could just get things fermenting. It is sad that some people may think this is “sour grapes” but some things just need to remain corked.

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