Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bad Press

Most Sundays the hard copy Pittsburgh Post Gazette is thin. Not much going on in the world so no need to print a fat paper. But today's was thick and heavy. After getting to breakfast and opening it I found (as I often do) that half of it was missing. This is partially the fault of the Post as they make underpaid out-sourced workers assemble it at point of sale. What made today's different? It had 11 sets of the PG Store inserted whereas it should have had only ONE. It this the Post's way of ridding itself of unwanted paper? Oh the trees that gave their lives for sports.

The fact that the Post does a better job of reporting on beer news (thanks to Bob Batz) and has more local news, I would switch over to the Trib. But they do not print Dilbert. I will stay with the Post but look for another place to buy it. How could I change papers? I would miss how the Post crinkles the paper in production at no extra cost to me.

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