Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beaver Brewing at OTB

Dan Woodske of Beaver Brewing had a Pittsburgh release of their brews yesterday at the OTB Bicycle Bar on E Carson St. On tap and in growlers were the three regulars: I Porter Ale, Camoline, and Basil. Also in growler form but in limited quantity was the excellent Kvass.

I Porter Ale is a bit of a porter with hop character found in an IPA.

Basil is an amber ale made with basil grown by Dan.

Chamomile Wheat made with Chamomile Flowers, Fuggle and Hallertau Hops. Not your typical wheat beer but very pleasant.

None of the beers are over 6% so one can have more than one should you desire a personal beer tasting.

Kvass should get Lew Bryson to town as it is well within the “session ale” range; coming in between 1% to 2% ABV. Yes, that’s right; a drinkable beer that is not 17.76% ABV. This original Russian style beer is made with baked bread, water, lemon peel and raisins with just a dash of barley and hops, too.

One thing that I noticed was the people at the bar and in the back. They were all young (over 21, of course). You could feel the exuberance as they all were drinking what we call craft beer nowadays. Between the bar crowd and the OTC Beer Club the focus was on the beer. This was not a drink fest but a bunch of young lads and lassies enjoying well-made beers. I was told that the number of club members in that evening was unexpectedly high. Probably a result in looking to see what the new kid on the block was brewing. Judging by the turnout and reception the beers received I tooks like Dan will be busy as a … No, I just can’t say it.



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