Monday, April 4, 2011

Patio 10

I checked out Patio 10 one Saturday afternoon just before 6 so I can legally say I was there in the evening. What a pleasant time I had. With Guinness in hand I was talking to the bar manager Rae, a young lady who obviously has a grasp on customer service. One could have a nice talk in this place, as it is not ear-bleeding noisy as some other places. The d├ęcor was easy on the eyes too. I liked the space age lamps hanging over the bar that reminded me of George Jetson’s home.

Parking can be tough anywhere on the South Side and here is no exception. You can pull in off 10th Street and enter the hotel parking lot before 3 pm; just say your going to Patio 10. After 3 for is hotel guests only but you can leave any time. Parking is available at the Riverset Credit Union lot one block away at Bingham, on the left. Only after they close please; after 4:30 weekdays but 6 on Thursdays.

On a subsequent visit I had a crab cake sandwich and potato soup. The food was good and service was quick. The other bartender was nice to talk with and judging by the others at the bar nobody was leaving anytime soon. Ok, so this isn’t a review that you would read by a real food writer but head on down and give the place a try. They are tied to Nakama.


20 S 10th Street at Muriel Street at the foot of the South 10th Street Bridge

Phone 412 904 2898

Located in the Holiday Inn Express building and where Amalfi on Tenth used to be.

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