Friday, July 31, 2009

Bankrupted Reporting

KDKA news (online) posted a story from CBS News about up-scale South Side restaurants taking a hit, presumably due to the economy. I would like to make a comment on this story. BULL CRAP. First of all there is no name associated with this story so I don’t know who he is or if he even lives in Pittsburgh. Second, why was this story written? It said very little and then contradicted itself. Why did it not say retailers thriving? It said that CafĂ© Allegro closed after 22 years and Bruchetta's is going to close. Yes, that is bad for us but never assume that a business is closing because they are not making money. We will never know why and it is none of our business. It also said that the Wine Loft is doing well. $90,000 a month in wine sales! How does he know that? What drivel was he told? The story never mentioned that they are in bankruptcy. I hope they come out of this ok, by the way. I need more information on this and I demand better reporting. Were other owners interviewed? What about the other up-scale places on the South Side? I need to know or I may loose sleep over this. Then again, maybe not.

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