Saturday, July 4, 2009

Shootz Bar

I have gotten the scuttle butt from two people so far that tell me that Shootz bar on Carson Street on the South Side has closed. Can anyone confirm that? I will check into this further after the holiday. If they are closed during standard opening times then that should be that.

A note to the news people out three. For years I have cringed at how you identify streets and areas of the city incorrectly. For those of you who were born here you should know better. For those who are not from here, buy a map. In checking into Shootz I saw a video from one station that placed the bar next to the Birmingham Street Bridge. There is no BSB. It is called the Birmingham Bridge. But, at least that is not as bad as Liberty Street Tunnels. And I wonder why I drink?

UPDATE: The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare is moving in as they have left the State Office Building. I hope that they can find their way down Carson Avenue. Yes, that appears on some of my bank documents.

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  1. Ed Shootz is closed and is going to be the future home to the displaced Department of Public Welfare from the state office building downtown.