Friday, July 31, 2009

Fat Head's Brewery

I must say that I am in a quandary and I don’t know what to do. I am updating my Pittsburgh Brewery’s page on my website: Pubnetwork and have an issue with an entry; Fat Head's. I was thinking about this during their beer tasting event at Bocktown on Wed. 29 July. Fat Head’s is a bar on the South Side and they do not brew (here). There is a Fat Head’s Brewery in Cleveland. It is a franchise of the South Side tavern. Many bars in Pittsburgh bring in beers from micro-breweries but that does not get an entry on my site. But what if it’s the bar’s name on the beer? Any bar can have a brewery contract a brewery to make them a house brew or a series of beers with the bar’s name on the label. But I this case it is a much-more stronger tie. We hear about bars (in England) being tied to a brewery, but in an odd sort of way in this case it is the brewery being tied to the bar. This must be a first in America.

In any event, “Fat Head’s” brews in Ohio and serves it here at their bar, as well as Piper's Pub and soon to be in many more, hopefully. So, how do I list them on my “Pittsburgh” breweries page? If you have a comment please pass it my way. I am not looking for a legal opinion, just a beer drinker’s thoughts. And don’t be afraid to stop in the bar to help you get opinionated. I do several times a week.

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