Saturday, July 4, 2009


A few months back the owner of Margaritaville on the South Side was given notice by Jimmy Bufffet's lawyers to stop using the name Margaritaville as only JB can use that name for any reason in any state at any time. It seems to me that JB has new lawyers with nothing to do so they must be trawling for Margaritaville bars in the country. Now, JB has a claim to this as he has this name registered most places, but not in Pa. I can't find the story in the local or national news outlets but this is not the first time the owner of this Carson Street bar has been served. Years ago when the bar was under the original owner JB's lawyers came in to shout the place down. They were pretty smug about it until they found out the the name was registered by the bar's owner first. They left town and life went on. Now it is under new ownership and the lawyers are back at it. I would hope that the bar's owners will find the name to be legal and send the others back to the beach. I haven't seen any more of this on the news so it is either dragging on or resolved.

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