Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Ass

There are a few things that I can count on happening every Sunday morning. Church bells will ring. I treat myself to a breakfast out. South Siders wake up to see the mayhem from the night before from out-of-control party goers. Some blame the number of bars but I will not. In the 1980’s the South Side had tumble weeds rolling down Carson Street. One new bar opened, then two. Soon more would come in and we were grateful. We kissed their ass. Now, after we drove off all the bakeries and furniture stores (how has T&T managed to stay here still?) we want to kick them (the new bars) in the ass. I will not. I will not blame the police either. I would like to see them issue more tickets for parking, littering and public drunkenness. Let us put the blame on the people causing the problems here. Maybe if we kicked them in the ass they would not cause so much destruction?

I was born here in 1953 (that’s like 1776 to some of you 20 year olds) and have seen it all. In the pre 1980’s we had as many bars as today, if not more (some were even next to schools). Yet things were not this bad. A lot has to do with respect for others and self respect. I think we have lost a lot of that. I can’t understand why people block fire hydrants, but then again, I only got a sixth grade education. I will never understand how one can come from a bar and break windows, leave broken glass on steps, put sand bags on cars, break car windows, remove drain pipes, change Tampons in the gutter (photos coming), This all has happened to me except for the Tampon change. Others have been shot stabbed, run over by cars and car jacked. I could go on. The South Side was a great place to live. I don’t think so anymore, but this is my home and I want to make it better. But I need community leaders and city officials to do there part. The only think I get from them is that if I don’t like it I should move. To those people let me just say, kiss my ass. To those who want to have a clean and safe community; bless you.

President Obama was put into office under the banner of change. We can make the South Side a better place but we have to have the spirit to want to do it. Instead of placing misguided blame we need to go after the people actually causing harm. I have gone after people doing damage to my property. I scared the crap out of some. Some were taken to jail. Others were baffled why a home owner would yell at somebody peeing on their door. I may get shot some day but one thing I will not do to people with no moral compass is kiss their ass.

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