Sunday, July 26, 2009

The President's Beer

Let me make it clear that I have no intention of making a political statement but I have something to say about Mr. Obama having guests over for a beer. As you recall, because the news media will not let it go, Mr. Obama is trying to make peace between a Harvard professor and a police office. He has extended an offer to them to stop in or a brew. I think this is a nice thing for him to do and it is a part of his job to calm the public. Many people on other blogs have criticized him over this but but he is n track with his offer. Why? Because BEER BRINGS PEOPLE TOGETHER.

One thing is not yet known; what type of beer is he going to serve? It should be foremost an American Ale. As Commander-in-Brew, he can have any beer he wants flown in. It is a perk that comes with the office. I would like to recommend several from Pittsburgh's breweries. In any event I am sure that there will be pizza and a game on the big screen in the war room. Hopefully the girls will be off to the mall. I hear that DC has a really big one. By the end of the night all will be friends and we may have world peace. So I say let them crack a few open and relax. Chill out and have a brew. Oh yes, you guys in the news should sip a few more suds too.

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